Vitamin Patches

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(30 days supply) 

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Extreme Energy Patch

Designed to sustain a clear, focused stream of energy throughout the day.

The Vitamin Patch Extreme Energy is designed to sustain a clear, focused stream of energy throughout the day. The all natural ingredients combined with our time released topical patch will not only get you through your afternoon lull but help support you right through dinner with the family.

Extreme Energy formulation

The best part is that the Extreme Energy formulation is designed to support your overall system on a long term basis and increase your natural energy over time. So STOP wasting your money on products that are only a short-term fix that leaves you feeling worse and START doing something that can provide what you truly need…focused, natural energy throughout the day

Sound Sleep Patch

The Sleep Patch provides a unique combination of melatonin, the body’s natural sleep hormone and a special blend of calming herbal remedies.

Extreme Hangover /Detox Patch

The Vitamin Patch Extreme Hangover Defense is designed to replace those lost nutrients and kick that brain fog and headache to the curb.

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