I am typical pretty sketchy about most products but just have to say that I really like the elevate smart coffee ☕️ that my friend Pamela Smith encouraged me to try! Coffee + healthy benefits that go along with my workouts and diet...I was intrigued ☺️

I’ve been using it for going on 3 weeks and can really feel the difference!! I love the energy boost, better nights sleep, reduced cravings, appetite suppressant, and overall “feel good” that it has given me! I honestly can’t believe it and have to say it’s absolutely a genius product!

Thanks Pamela! 🤗

& Cheers to this amazing coffee!

-Tiffany S.

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I have major mood issues and if I can avoid using prescription medications I will use what I can. I love my Thrive, but I need the extra help so I do like the coffee to help too.


I went to the doctor yesterday and guess who is down to 167 from 185, yes this girl thanks Pamela Smith for turning me on to this awesomeness. I suggest if you haven't tried you might want to get you some!

-Shannon B.

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I'm so grateful for my happy coffee! Between my A.D.D & depression I suffer a lot but since my happy coffee I can tell you I've never been this driven and focused! So happy and I stay energized (which is amazing because the depression is absolutely draining)! Plus I'm down 12lbs in a month!

-Kim W.

I started the coffee March 6 and I've lost 10 pounds so far. I lost an inch right below my belly button and almost 2 inches around my waist and half inch in my hips. 


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I started a stall in November at 150 and now I’m 145 and have energy for days. I run around at work and get done quicker with more mental clarity and focus than I’ve had in a long time! My moods are not as up and down due to depression and anxiety! I’ve lost weight and inches in my clothes and my skin feels younger and I get compliments all the time! Happy coffee for the win!

-Stacie D.

My best feature with it is mood enhancer. I feel like I am a much nicer person with it.


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I'm on day 4 of drinking smart coffee. Its "that time of the month" for me. But I have PCOS and a good week before I start, I start to get exhausted. I actually say "it feels like someone has tapped me and drained all my energy." I'm in that low energy time and yet this is the first time in I have no idea how long, I do not feel this way! I mean this is LIFE CHANGING for me. Some nights I'm so tired after work I will just lay in bed for the rest of the night. I'm overjoyed at how I feel. Can't wait to see how my other monthly symptoms improve (because aunt Flo is pretty brutal to me). Two weeks of my month are always horrid until now...thank God for smart coffee!


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Everything is going GREAT!! this is the first time in 5 years I've been below 160. My energy is amazing and can usually survive off of my super coffee and maybe another one in the afternoon. Considering I was having to take 1-2 5 hour shots a day before just to make it through! I haven't lost as much weight via the scale as others I think , but even with the scale not changing much I can still tell I am losing inches all over! Cant thank you enough for this! I'll be ordering more this week.


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Down 10 pounds. Loving my coffee.

-Ashley G.

Down 6 lbs. in 2 weeks!! Yayy.


I don't lose my stuff, I don't ache in the mornings and have to stretch before jumping out of bed, I don't use the biggest hook on my bra. I now need to buy ones with a smaller band, I'm in shorts I fit 3 years ago, energy is crazy good, focus is crazy good. I'm so happy to have found something that really works for me and don't cost a gazillion dollars!!


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