What's Brewing?


-Hemp Oil for Pets-
-Hemp Oil infused Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans-

Hemplevate for Pets is a BBQ flavor that your pets are sure to love. It provides natural endocannabinoid nutrition to promote balanced homeostasis and help relieve stress. 
Research has found no negative side effects.

The Naturally occurring cannabinoids in Hemp oil are non toxic.

Current research supports that Hemp Oil can help your pet live a far more fulfilling & healthier life than he or she otherwise might experience, by relieving some of your pet's symptoms.

Amazing Benefits of Hemp Oil for Pets:

* Helps reduce Joint Pain & Inflammation

* Promotes a Relaxed State

*Helps Combat Depression & Separation Anxiety

* Helps Reduce Restlessness, which can boost training efforts

*Helps Boost & Regulate Immune System Activity

*Helps with excessive itching, scratching, and shedding

*Promotes Neurological Balance

Hemplevate: Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

1 mg per Gram of Active Cannabinoids.

While our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil products meet 2018 Farm Bill regulations for industrial hemp including potential low THC, this product has not been systematically studied for the effects on drug testing. Consult your physician before using products containing Hemp Oil.